Of course, our ingredients' quality is vital to our food's quality. But we also look for ethical greatness and genuine localness in our suppliers.


Chapman's keep their food miles low, traceability levels high, and supplies as fresh as fresh can be. They buy from day boats that catch and return on the same tide to land daily at their depot in Rye Harbour. And their close relationships with the local fishing communities all along the Kent and Sussex coastlines are down to their active support by paying fair prices promptly.



Cobble Lane Cured

Flavour, flavour and more flavour is what to say about the charcuterie crafted by Cobble Lane Cured. These specialist butchers cut, cure, smoke, and hang meats supplied by the country's best farmers. Two of the founders bring skills from working with master butchers in Italy, Germany, and Poland. And this places them as butchers with unmatched-in-Britain maturation skills.



Modern Provider

Margate's Modern Provider's provisions would make anyone smile. This bijou bakery on Charlotte Square majors on sourdough loaves and higher-end, patisserie-influenced cakes through exploring natural leavening and historical baking methods. And the head baker, owner Ben, is an ex-fashion designer, so everything is stunning as well as delicious.


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Whitstable Oyster Company

The incredibly fresh and juicy oysters on our ice bar are sustainably grown just down the coast by Whitstable Oyster Company. This specialist has been growing here since 1793 and owns the ground on which it nurtures the shellfish before purifying them in UV-filtered seawater. Their rare natives are the only true Royal Whitstable Native Oysters, and empty shells are put back onto the seabed, creating 'cultch' for baby oysters to settle on.




Worgan's Farm Shop is a butcher, fishmonger and greengrocer. Based in Canterbury, the team behind the shop prides itself on its careful, local sourcing values. By only dealing with farmers who work to strict welfare conditions, they start with meat of optimal quality and flavour. Then, they apply their traditional ageing skills to produce excellent cuts like 50-day-aged Sussex beef.