Of course, our ingredients' quality is vital to our food's quality. But we also look for ethical greatness and genuine localness in our suppliers.


R&J is a Yorkshire-born-and-bred family farm and butcher that's been earning loyalty since the 1850s. They refer to their farming style as Low and Slow. Low being the level of impact on nature, and Slow being the natural pace at which their animals grow because they freely graze. R&J also source from a cooperative of small-scale, specialist Yorkshire farmers. The reason being they are all about supplying the best, not just their own.



Hodgson Fish

Hodgson Fish started with the creation of a smokehouse in 1850. Generations have handed down to generations, and it is now a Hartlepool-based legend of fish expertise. Exceptional freshness is a given. Their knowledge is priceless – we've never met a more discerning seafood supplier. And Hodgson ensures they only supply us with catch that is ethically sourced both in terms of fishing technique and fisherperson pay.